Welcome to Finishing-Touch

Where our specialty is finishing that home project you started and adding that perfect touch to complete your vision.  

One of my main goals in life is to help people, and the biggest way I do that is through my work. I help people add that finishing-touch to their home... after all, that is where you spend most of your time!

Stylist Bright Living Room
Stylist Modern Study

Our Services

Assembly of flat pack furniture

Assembly and installation of most flat pack purchases.

Home Maintenance

General home maintenance, for example fixing loose cupboards, draws or fixtures, patching walls, skirting board, silicone, etc.

Installation of finishes

Installing pictures, mirrors, shelving, blinds, curtains, cupboards, light fittings, decor, bathroom accessories, kitchen accessories etc. 

Interior Organisation

Organising services that include garages, pantries, wardrobes, kids rooms, nursery's, bathrooms and laundry's. 


My work

"Never tell people how good you are, show them!"